Thursday 31, May 2012

iPOP & COIN Joint Plenary
Thursday 31, May 2012 10:00-12:00
Presider: Kohei Shiomoto, iPOP2012 Organization Committee Co-Chair, NTT, Japan

Opening Remarks
- Naoaki Yamanaka, iPOP General Co-Chair, Keio University, Japan
- Bijan Jabbari, iPOP General Co-Chair, ISOCORE, USA

COIN Summary & Award Ceremony
- Osamu Ishida, COIN2012 TPC Co-Chair, NTT, Japan

K-1 Tomonori Aoyama, Keio University, Japan
K-2 Víctor López, Telefónica I+D, Spain

Exhibition introduction
- Tomonori Takeda, NTT, Japan, and Takehiro Tsuritani, KDDI R&D Labs., Japan

Thursday 31, May 2012 13:30-14:50
Chair: Julien Meuric, France Telecom Orange, France

K-3 Lieven Levrau, Alcatel-Lucent, USA
K-4 Clarence Filsfils, Cisco, USA

Business Session
Thursday 31, May 2012 14:50-16:30
Chair: Kenichi Sakamoto, Hitachi, Japan

B-1 "Evolution of Transport Network"
Akira Sakurai, NEC, Japan
B-2 "Global-scale Virtual Networks"
Akeo Masuda, NTT, Japan
B-3 "Verification of Next Generation Networking Technologies: MPLS-TP and OpenFlow"
Jim Anuskiewicz, Spirent, USA
B-4 "Wide Area Networking in Cloud Computing Era"
Hirofumi Masukawa, Hitachi, Japan
B-5 "Intelligent Control for highly efficient multi-layer, multi-domain networking"
Hiroshi Kojima, Nokia Siemens Networks Japan Corp., Japan

Poster Session

Thursday 31, May 2012 16:40-17:40

P-1 "Plug-and-Play Techniques for Self Organized Energy-Efficient GMPLS Network Configuration"
Yuki Nomura, Keio University, Japan
P-2 "A Control Method for Elimination of Incomplete-Lightpaths in Optical Circuit-Switched Networks"
Takaya Miyazawa, NICT, Japan
P-3 "Recovery in Packet over Optical Transport Networks"
Eiichi Horiuchi, Mitsubishi Electric, Japan
P-4 "Galibier: An Open Source OpenFlow Controller"
Sho Shimizu, Fujitsu Lab., Japan
P-5 "Simple and Efficient Inter-domain Path Computations in PCE"
Huaimo Chen, Huawei, USA
P-6 "Shared Mesh Protection in Transport Networks"
Sam K. Aldrin, Huawei, USA

Friday 1, June 2012

Technical Session

Tech. Session 1: Optical Transport Networking
Friday 1, June 2012 9:30-11:10
Chair: Eiji Oki, University of Electro-Communications, Japan

1-1 "Network Design and Control for Router Offloading Networks"
Tomonori Takeda, NTT, Japan
1-2 "Operational management technologies for multi-layered transport networks"
Hozumi Kawanami, KDDI, Japan
1-3 "Efficient Inter-Data Center Transport within SDN Framework"
Ping Pan, Infinera, USA
1-4 "Multilayer IP-over-Transport Network Design"
Ben Fisk, JDSU, USA

Technical Session

Tech. Session 2: PCE and MPLS Technologies
Friday 1, June 2012 11:25-12:40
Chair: Daniel King, Old Dog Consulting, UK

2-1 "Functional validation of the cooperation between Virtual Network Topology Manager and Path Computation Element"
Víctor López, Telefónica I+D, Spain
2-2 "Implementation of Multiprotocol Label Switching Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Path Protection and its Evaluation"
Taisuke Ueta, Hitachi, Japan
2-3 "MPLS for mobile backhaul and metro networks"
David Saccon, Ericsson, USA

Technical Session

Tech. Session 3: Software Defined Networking
Friday 1, June 2012 14:10-15:50
Chair: Attila Takacs, Ericsson, Hungary

3-1 "Design of a Unified Control Plane for Dynamic Convergence of Multiple Optical Switching Layers in an OBS/WSON Integrated Network: GMPLS vs. OpenFlow"
Lei Liu, KDDI R&D Labs., Japan
3-2 "Blending SDN with PCE for Scalable Data Center Service Deployment"
Daniel King, Old Dog Consulting, UK
3-3 "SDN/OpenFlow enhanced WANs: Benefits and Challenges"
Itaru Nishioka, NEC Corp. of America, USA
3-4 "Design and Implementation of OpenFlow-enabled MPLS-TP Switch Prototype"
Masahiro Hayashitani, NEC, Japan

Technical Session

Tech. Session 4: Optical Networking/Switching for Cloud Services
Friday 1, June 2012 16:05-17:20
Chair: Hiroaki Harai, NICT, Japan

4-1 "Global Load Balancing Strategy for Transporting Large-Bandwidth Data Center Applications over Optical Networks"
Young Lee, Huawei, USA
4-2 "Cloud Service Oriented Path Computation Architecture"
Young Lee, Huawei, USA
4-3 "Performance of Dynamic Pump Wavelength Selection Scheme with Recursive Parametric Wavelength Conversion in Optical Packet Switch"
Nattapong Kitsuwan, University of Electro-Communications, Japan

Closing Remarks
Friday 1, June 2012 17:20-17:35

- Soichiro Araki, Organization Committee Co-Chair, NEC, Japan