Monday 20, April 2015

K-1 "Resilient MPLS Rings: an Innovative Approach to MPLS in the Access."
Kireeti Kompella, CTO of Juniper Development and Innovation, Juniper Networks, USA

Kireeti Kompella


Currently CTO of Juniper Development and Innovation at Juniper Networks, Kireeti was formerly CTO at Contrail Systems, and before that, CTO and Chief Architect of JunOS at Juniper Networks. Dr. Kompella has deep experience in Packet Transport, large-scale MPLS, VPNs, VPLS, and Layer 1 to Layer 3 networking, and has been very active in the IETF, as past chair of the CCAMP Working Group and as author of several Internet Drafts and RFCs across several WGs (including CCAMP, IS-IS, L2VPN, MPLS, NVO3, OSPF, and TE).

Prior to Juniper, Kireeti worked on file systems at NetApp, SGI, and ACSC(acquired by Veritas).

Dr. Kompella received his BS EE and MS CS at IIT, Kanpur, and his PhD in Computer Science at USC, specializing in Number Theory and cryptography.

Tuesday 21, April 2015

K-2 "NTT Communications' Activities/Perspective on SDN/OpenFlow"
Yukio Ito, Director, Member of Board, and Senior Vice President of Technology Development, NTT Communications/
        Chairman, Okinawa Open Laboratory, Japan

Yukio Ito


Yukio Ito joined Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation after graduating graduate school, having previously worked for the Switching System of PSTN and the Business Communication Network.

After the reorganization of NTT in 1999, he designed the architecture of the Transport Network of NTT Communications and introduced new technology in the Transport Network of NTT Communications. After June 2010, he had been in charge of engineering, construction and operation of the IP & L1, L2 backbone network in NTT Communications. He was in charge of the entire NTT Communications service infrastructure and was introducing SDN-OpenFlow technologies into NTT communications' Business Network.

Since August 2014, he is responsible for Technology Development to strengthen cross-service technological development capability in accordance with NTT Communications'-wide business strategies.

Since December 2011, he has been a member of the Board of Open Networking Foundation and since May 2013, he has been Chairman Okinawa Open Laboratory, a general incorporated association.