Thursday 30, May 2019

iPOP Plenary
Thursday 30, May 2019, 10:00-12:20
Presider: Organization Committee Co-Chair

Opening Address
Naoaki Yamanaka, General Co-Chair, Keio University, Japan
Bijan Jabbari, General Co-Chair, ISOCORE, USA

K-1 "Evolution of technologies, applications, and eco-systems of coherent optics (tentative)"
Masahito Tomizawa, NTT, Japan
K-2 "Social value creation accelerated by AI and ICT technologies"
Yuichi Nakamura, NEC, Japan

iPOP Exhibition introduction
iPOP Exhibition Co-Chair
Local Arrangement
iPOP Local Arrangement Co-Chair

Technical Session
Tech. Session (1): AI-assisted/Automated Operation and Control
Thursday 30, May 2019, 13:30-15:10
Chair: TBD

T1-1 "Machine learning-assisted network analysis framework for anomaly detection and RCA toward 5G"
Genichi Mori, KDDI Research, Japan
T1-2 "Autonomic resource management in service function chaining platform"
Ved P. Kafle, NICT, Japan
T1-3 "Enhancement of search-based automatic service configuration designing with tacit heuristics"
Takashi Maruyama, NEC, Japan
T1-4 "Proposal of a Function-oriented Network Model for Automatic Control of IoT Network Orchestration"
Takamichi Nishijima, Fujitsu, Japan

Tech. Session (2): Advanced Network Design
Thursday 30, May 2019, 15:20-17:00
Chair: TBD

T2-1 "Experimental evaluation of power reduction effect in energy efficient data center network HOLST using operated data center traffic data"
Masaki Murakami, Keio University, Japan
T2-2 "Carrier's expectation for disaggregation network and approach to controller development"
Aki Fukuda, NTT, Japan
T3-1 "Probabilistic protection model for virtual networks against multiple facility node failures"
Fujun He, Kyoto University, Japan
T2-4 "Analysis of network architecture for machine-to-machine service network platform"
Takehiro Sato, Kyoto University, Japan

Poster Session / Exhibition
Thursday 30, May 2019, 17:20-18:20

P-1 "Reduction of request blocking in elastic optical network with spectrum slicing"
Ryota Matsuura, University of Electro-Communications, Japan
P-2 "Flexible scheduling approach for network services in virtual networks"
Yuncan Zhang, Kyoto University, Japan
P-3 "Proposal of the DDoS detection method using reconfigurable communication processors"
Naoto Sumita, Keio University, Japan
P-4 "Weaver: Search-based service configuration designing with fine grained architecture refinement rules"
Takayuki Kuroda, NEC, Japan
P-5 "A study on wavelength of cyclic performance fluctuation of TCP BBR"
Kouto Miyazawa, Kogakuin University, Japan
P-6 "Improving TCP fairness in TCP BBR and CUBITC TCP"
Kanon Sasaki, Kogakuin University, Japan
P-7 "Application switch for KVS performance improvement"
Tomoaki Kanaya, Kogakuin University, Japan
P-8 "A TCP method based on predicting queue empty at LTE base stations"
Tansheng Li, NEC, Japan
P-9 "A study on clustering sessions of TLS based on upload message"
Hiroaki Yamauchi, Kogakuin University, Japan

Friday 31, May 2019

Technical Session
Tech. Session (3): Network Architecture, Resiliency and Diagnosis
Friday 31, May 2019, 9:30-11:10
Chair: TBD

T2-3 "Survey on topology design and traffic matrix characteristics research in data center networks"
Kohei Shiomoto, Tokyo City University, Japan
T3-2 "Failure localization in optical transport networks"
Takashi Kubo, NTT, Japan
T3-3 "Study on multi-layer configuration management technology using traffic information"
Mizuto Nakamura, NTT, Japan
T3-4 "Architecture of dynamic MAC using bit-by-bit mapping on massively parallel optical channel"
Kyosuke Sugiura, Keio University, Japan

Business Session
Friday 31, May 2019, 11:20-11:50
Chair: iPOP Exhibition Committee

B-1 "TBD"

Technical Session
Tech. Session (4): SDN, Network Slicing and Disaggregation
Friday 31, May 2019, 13:30-15:10
Chair: TBD

T4-1 "Result of autonomous driving vehicle control using US-Japan reconfigurable resource pool networking experiment"
Goki Yamamoto, Keio University, Japan
T4-2 "OpenShift/Kubernetes native infrastructure for Telco edge cloud and network slicing"
Hidetsugu Sugiyama, Red Hat K.K., Japan
T4-3 "5G orchestration revealed"
Hervé Guesdon, UBiqube, Ireland
T4-4 "Expectations and challenges for disaggregated packet optical converged networks"
Minoru Yamaguchi, NTT, Japan

Special Panel Session
Friday 31, May 2019, 15:20-17:20
Special Panel Session
Moderator: TBD

Closing Session
Friday 31, May 2019, 17:20-17:30
Closing by iPOP Organization Committee Co-Chair