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  • PIL is promoting R&D on next-generation photonic network technologies. It encourages its members to submit proposals to global standardization bodies such as ITU-T, IETF, and OIF. It also tests the photonic network control programs developed by its member companies.
  • PIL has two objectives: i) to create new control technologies that can be accepted as international standards and ii) to rigorously test the protocol software code developed by each company.
  • Founded in September 2002 to promote research on and development of the next-generation photonic network and encourage global standardization activities, PIL currently consists of seven companies: Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.(NTT), NEC Corporation, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Oki Electric Industry Co., and Ltd. and Hitachi, Ltd.
  • PIL activities are supported by the research and development aimed at acquiring international technical standards as part of the Strategic Information and Communications R&D Promotion Scheme of the MPHPT (Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications) for funding selected IT activities.

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