Welcome Remarks

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the iPOP International Conference, the fifth annual in series of the event on IP + Optical Network Technologies, June 11-12, 2009. This event, which has been sponsored by PIL and Isocore since its inception, is being held at NICT headquarters in Koganei in Tokyo. We are thankful to NICT for hosting iPOP 2009 in their facilities and making it possible once more to bring the IP and optical technology community together and to add to a great experience.

Five years ago when Isocore and PIL initiated the first iPOP event in Tokyo, we had no expectation that this event will become a major technical gathering of prominent experts from the industry, academia and government to share the result of their recent work and key findings with other conference participants. We have witnessed the considerable impact these series of conferences have had on development of capabilities for high bandwidth and predictable high performance networking. IP and optical technology is considered as an important area of future networking.

This year, the technical program committee has put together an exciting program consisting of presentations on topics such as Multi-layer networks, Path Computation Element (PCE), Wavelength Switched Optical Networks (WSON), and GMPLS-controlled Ethernet Label Switching (GELS).

We truly hope that you would enjoy iPOP2009 and make this event a great success! We look forward to your participation.

April 2009
Tomonori Aoyama
Bijan Jabbari
iPOP2009 Co-Chairs


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