Thursday 11, June 2009

Thursday 11, June 2009 09:10-11:40
Chair: Naoaki Yamanaka, Keio University, Japan
Opening address
- Tomonori Aoyama, General Co-chair, Keio University, Japan
- Bijan Jabbari, General Co-chair, ISOCORE, USA


K-1 "Toward the New Generation Network"
- Hiroshi Miyabe, NICT, Japan

K-2 "MPLS-TP: A common technology for the convergence of IP and transport networks"
- Matthew Bocci, Alcatel-Lucent, UK

Program introduction
- Soichiro Araki, NEC, Japan

Exhibition introduction
- Kohei Shiomoto, NTT and Hideaki Tanaka, KDDI R&D, Japan

Technical Session

Tech. Session 1: New services and Network convergence
Thursday 11, June 2009 13:10-14:50
Chair: Young Lee, Huawei, USA
1-1 "OIF challenges: towards enabling broadband on-demand services"
[Invited] OIF representative (Speaker:Jim Jones, Vice President, OIF)

1-2 "An Overlay Approach to On-Demand Optical Grid Network Construction for Global Grid Computing over Multi-Domain Wavelength Switched Optical Networks"
Sugang XU, Weiping REN and Hiroaki HARAI, NICT, Japan

1-3 "Network Virtualisation for Packet Optical Networks"
Adrian Farrel and Daniel King, Old Dog Consulting, UK

1-4 "Seamless Interconnection of Transport Networks"
Tomonori Takeda, Ryuta Sugiyama, Ichiro Inoue, and Kohei Shiomoto, NTT, Japan

Poster Session

@Exhibition room
Thursday 11, June 2009 15:05-16:20

P-1 "Sharing Regenerators in All-Optical Routing"
Giovanni Fiaschi and Gianmarco Bruno, Ericsson Telecomunicazioni, Italy

P-2 "Dynamic Wavelength Allocation and Selection for Optical Network with Centralized Multi-Carrier Light Source"
Yueping Cai, Eiji Oki, Motoharu Matsuura, Naoto Kishi, and Tetsuya Miki, University of Electro-Communications, Japan

P-3 "DWDM aware Control Plane"
Gabriele Maria Galimberti, Cisco Systems Italy, and Mitsuru Ayatani, Cisco Systems G.K., Japan

P-4 "GMPLS Requirement for Optical Physical Impairment Management and Control in WSON"
Jianrui Han and Jianhua Gao, Huawei, China

P-5 "Effective Recovery schemes for Wavelength Switched Optical Networks (WSON) "
Daniele Ceccarelli and Diego Caviglia, Ericsson Telecomunicazioni, Italy

P-6 "MPLS-TP and IP/MPLS Interworking"
Riccardo Martinotti and Diego Caviglia, Ericsson Telecomunicazioni, Italy

P-7 "PCE Application for ASON Network"
Fatai Zhang, Jianhua Gao, and Dan Li, Huawei, China

P-8 "PCE in Multi-Layer Networks IP/MPLS over WSON"
F. Cugini, CNIT, N. Andriolli, A. Giorgetti, F. Paolucci, L. Valcarenghi, P. Castoldi, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, P. Iovanna, and A. Welin, Erricson Research, Italy

Technical Session

Tech. Session 2: Impairment-aware routing for WSON
Thursday 11, June 2009 16:35-18:15
Chair: Tomonori Takeda, NTT, Japan
2-1 "PCE-based Approaches to TED Creation and Maintenance for support of Impairment-aware RWA (IA-RWA) in Wavelength Switched Optical Networks (WSON)"
Young Lee, Huawei, and Greg Bernstein, Grotto Networks, USA

2-2 "Impairment Aware Routing and Wavelength Assignment in WSON: Processes, Architectural Options, and Constraints and Protocol Implications"
Greg Bernstein, Grotto Networks, Young Lee, Huawei, USA, and Dan Li, Huawei, China

2-3 "Concurrent Impairments Aware Routing and Regenerator Location (PCE+) in a Wavelength Switched Optical Networks (WSON)"
Giulio Bottari and Diego Caviglia, Ericsson Telecomunicazioni, Italy

2-4 "Impairment Compensation Control for Wavelength Switched Optical Networks"
Shoichiro Seno, Yoshimasa Baba, Eiichi Horiuchi, Teruko Fujii, and Sota Yoshida, Mitsubishi Electric, Japan

Friday 12, June 2009

Technical Session

Tech. Session 3: GMPLS technologies and Testbed
Friday 12, June 2009 10:00-11:40
Chair: Sugang XU, NICT, Japan
3-1 "Plug and Play Techniques for GMPLS Network Configuration"
Kaori Shimizu, Rie Hayashi, Ichiro Inoue, and Kohei Shiomoto, NTT, Japan

3-2 "Extending the GMPLS Control Plane for Data Plane OAM configuration"
Attila Takacs, Ericsson Research, Hungary

3-3 "A HoTNet Prototype in Test Bed"
Ning Yang, Xiaobing Zi, Yuanming Zheng, Qiming Li, and Hongmiao Xia, Huawei, China

3-4 "Implementation of Web Services Based PCE and its Application for Inter-domain Advanced Services in 3TNet"
Yingdi Yu, Yaohui Jin, Yan Wang, Weiqiang Sun, Wei Guo, and Weisheng Hu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Technical Session

Tech. Session 4: GELS and MPLS-TP for Ethernet transport technologies
Friday 12, June 2009 13:10-14:50
Chair: Adrian Farrel, Old Dog Consulting, UK
4-1 "Experiments of GMPLS based layer2 path control functions for next generation wide area layer2 networks"
Daisuke Ishii, Kou Kikuta, Masahiro Nishida, Yutaka Arakawa, Satoru Okamoto, and Naoaki Yamanaka , Keio University, Japan

4-2 "Implementation and evaluation of inter-domain Ethernet control between ASON and GMPLS network"
S. Okamoto and T. Otani, KDDI R&D, Japan

4-3 "Prototyping MPLS-TP forwarding and OAM"
Wei Zhao, Ericsson Research, Loa Andersson, Ericsson Packet Networks, and Pontus Sköldström, Acreo AB, Sweden

4-4 "Development of Packet Transport System using MPLS-TP technologies"
Kenichi Sakamoto, Hitachi, Ltd., Japan

Technical Session

Tech. Session 5: WSON architecture and Testbed
Friday 12, June 2009 15:05-15:55
Chair: Daniel King, Old Dog Consulting, UK
5-1 "Management and Control Issues in Spectrum-Sliced Elastic Optical Path Network (SLICE)"
Masahiko Jinno, Hidehiko Takara, Bartłomiej Kozicki, Yukio Tsukishima, Yoshiaki Sone, and Shinji Matsuoka, NTT, Japan

5-2 "Ericsson Wavelength Switched Optical Networks (WSON) test bed for Proof of Concept (PoC)"
Daniele Ceccarelli and Diego Caviglia, Ericsson Telecomunicazioni, Italy

Technical Session

Tech. Session 6: PCE and Traffic engineering
Friday 12, June 2009 16:10-17:50
Chair: Diego Caviglia, Ericsson Telecomunicazioni, Italy
6-1 "Selecting Domain Paths in Inter-Domain MPLS-TE and GMPLS"
Tomonori Takeda, NTT, Japan, Adrian Farrel, and Daniel King, Old Dog Consulting, UK

6-2 "An Evaluation of Scalability of PCE-based Routing Model in Multi-Domain GMPLS Networks"
Yohei Iizawa, Itaru Nishioka, Shinya Ishida, Mihoko Nakama, and Soichiro Araki, NEC, Japan

6-3 (Cancelled)

6-4 "Supporting Multicast over a Multi-domain Optical Network"
Daniel King, Old Dog Consulting, UK

Closing Remarks

Friday 12, June 2009 17:50-18:05
Naoaki Yamanaka, Organization Committee Chair, Keio University, Japan


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